Vidhik Shiksha

India’s largest Law education platform

Vidhik Shiksha, India's largest Law education platform aiming to spread legal awareness worldwide. Over millions of students have taken legal guidance and assistance especially in the field of Judicial Services Examination. Vidhik Shiksha holds position of the leading institute for the Judiciary Entrance Examination in India by bringing judges and law scholars at one single platform to respond the inquisitive minds. The journey to excellence began on 24th of March 2017, consequently helping enormous number of students taste success by taking benefits from hundreds of articles and lectures available free at the platform. Pioneer of the paramount law platform Vidhik Shikha is a renowned law scholar and a well versed author of law books- Mr. M.M. Joshi. Mr. Joshi, an advocate by profession and a teacher by passion is an Influencer and an Entrepreneur. He wishes to make every individual aware of the basic legal rights and to contribute the utmost in the field of law.

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